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Spring Break with Han and Leia

Hannah has a boyfriend.  I know.  Stand back.  They are together ALL the time.  They have several classes together and I rarely see one without the other.  It's a good thing I like Dylan and he is doing his best to stay on my good side. I'm sure there are similar observations at the other household.  :)

Dylan and his family are HUGE star Wars fans (and I thought my older kids were Star Wars fanatics).  His birthday was right before Spring Break.  He was about to spend 10 glorious days with his family in California... duh duh duh... without Hannah.  Think I am funny, I got him a Han and Leia doll set for his birthday.  The plan was that he would take Leia to California and Han would stay in Oregon with Hannah.  Each day they would take pictures of their adventures with Han and Leia.  This is the result.

Leia headed to sunny California with Dylan.
Han went to see Diary of Anne Franke with Hannah.
Han made cookies with Hannah.
Leia played with Dylan's sisters in California