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An Open Letter to Those Who Hate The School Dress Code

I have noticed a ton of resistance to dress codes in schools.  I have something to say... get over it.  
A dress code is not about body shaming.  It is not about control.  It's not about taking away individuality. The dress code is not about making social divisions.  It is not about taking away individual rights.
A dress code is about keeping a professional environment where real work happens.  Contrary to popular belief, woman don't get to wear whatever they want when ever they want in "the real world." Every profession has some kind of dress code.  Nurses, doctors, real estate brokers, vets, and even McDonald's workers have a dress code.  Even farmers and day labors wear clothing appropriate to the work they do.  School is a professional environment where the student's "job" is to be the student - to learn - and the teachers' job is to open the possibilities in young minds and to create an environment where people - all people - can learn.  Th…

CET 2016

I just finished another summer of CET.  It's a whirl wind of activity in which I design, track, manage, and build the sets and tech elements for 9 productions.  Some are bigger than others.  All of them are a ton of work.  I usually start by building a model for each main show of the season.  This year I made three, took pictures of 2 and skipped on all together.  The beginning of the season sneaked up on me.
The first production of the season was "You Will Be My Friend!"  I loved this show!  The directors wanted something simple.  I designed my little trees and bushes from the children's book.  I used double core cardboard and painted it to match the book.  It was light enough for the tech kids to move around and cute enough to enhance the production.
This show has to be light because it gets on a truck and moves to the park for production.  The kids have to move it off and on the stage for each performance.  I was so pleased with how it turned out.
I also used the…