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Catching up on April, May, June and July

Between a busy life and the death of my old computer, I have must to catch up on.

Hannah participated in the Mr. and Ms. Central pageant and helped raise money for a cause.  I came up with some unusual ways to help her earn money... Cleaning toilets was a winner.  We charged $20 a toilet and she was able to make $50 in a couple afternoons.  She also sold cheese cakes that a great lady in our ward helped her make.

She also performed in the production part of the pageant.  As usual, she was a great performer.

This resulted in Hannah winning the pageant with her friend Jacob.

The pageant raised a ton of money that I believe will help make a difference for this organisation.

We also shaved Charlie in April.  He is allergic to fleas and flea medicine, so we are doing what we can to help the poor do out.

Lilli turned 13 in April.

It was a great day.

We went to see Newsies in Portland.   It was AWESOME!

In May, Hannah's choir placed 3rd in the state competition.  That is amazing since it is their first competition in this class division.

As got a new screen for the door that entertained Hannah.

John took Lilli to "Get Air" in Salem to jump all afternoon.

John and I asked Hannah to Prom... ok... Dylan did.  But the day I was asked to help him put it together, he got grounded.  So, John and I made the signs, hung them on the Oklahoma tree and fixed the swing.  She loves that swing.  Then, I sent them into the auditorium to "do a job" for me and brought the tree down for him.  

She said yes.

She borrowed a dress and talked me into buying her shoes... I wasn't thinking Converse, but ok.

I painted a backdrop for Howard street...

The back window shattered.  We didn't have a door/window for a couple weeks.  Sometimes it got cold.  On a day like today I could use that cold again.

Janey donated a mirror ball for the theatre.  I procrastinated getting it to the theatre.  Every morning when the sun hit the ball we got to PAR-TAY!  LOL.

Lilli had her final concert as a 7th grader.  She even sang a solo.

Hannah and I worked on Almost Maine.  Hannah was the set designer and played a role in the cast.

Kimber, Freya and Lilli danced in a dance recital.

It's been a while since Kimber has been on stage.

It was Freya's first dance recital.  She was a kick in the pants to watch.

Kimber even resurrected her shadow tap dance.

Our chickens went nuts making eggs.

Ben decided Dylan is a keeper.  He begs to play with Dylan.

We went to a graduation party of too.

McKay, Myles and Lenayah came to visit for Hannah's graduation...

And we made strawberry jam.

Hannah graduated from Seminary...

... and from high school.

She got tons of awards...

the weather threatened not to cooperate so the choir and band was cut from the ceremony.

People had to wear rain gear.

I ran sound.  Dylan was sitting next to me holding down the umbrella.  I asked him to take a picture of Hannah sitting there.  He got this great shot, through the superintendence's legs.  LOL.

It was fun to have Myles and McKay visit.  We went bowling...

... tried baseball... and had a great time together.

In July Lilli went canoeing with the YW.

Lilli, Hannah and I went to CET for 5 weeks.

Lilli was cast in the Park Play and performed at the Salem Arts Festival.  I designed all the sets, including this one.

Lilli was a dancing Flamingo.

Uncle David stooped for a short visit.

I rescued a Bible from CET.  The director of Shrek joked about ripping a Bible on stage in the play.  I told him it wasn't funny but it turned out that the props person gave him a Bible anyway.  On Saturday it got ripped and thrown on stage.  I wasn't pleased.  I had to fix it so it could be used during the second act.  I noticed it had a long list of family names, births, deaths and marriages.  I decided to take it home the night.  As soon as I thought that, the little voice in my head said, Thanks for saving us."  We are going to start next Sunday looking up the names on Family Search and adding them to the data base if we don't find them.  It's pretty exciting.  The book is cool too because it is leather bound and has cool original paintings in it too.

So CET is finally over.  It wasn't a bad season... it's just exhausting.  9 shows in 5 weeks is a ton to keep track of.  Lilly did a good job in all her things.  Hannah earned a little money.  So it's all goods.  Plus, I earned enough to fix the steering on the Honda, get some tires for the truck

We went to Eugene to watch Dylan sing in the Oregon Bach Festival.  He even got a solo.  The music was beautiful.  John loved it.  It made me think that I should find more classical concerts to take him to on dates.

I threw together a float for the Thespians to be in the 4th of July parade.

I drove my truck for the Dance Studio.  Kimber walked with them, as did Lilli.

Kirby wouldn't stay home.  He walked most of the way and eventually got in the truck with me.

We borrowed a truck and John and Hannah helped support the Thespians float

John and Mr. Witt were helping return some things to the high school late at night on Friday when a bat dive bombed my head, flew around the scene shop, flew down the hall and into the make up room.  Dad chased it bu we couldn't find it.  Good thing the stage doors were shut or we would never find it.  We will have to go back in a couple nights, turn off the lights and open the doors and see if it flies out again.  Otherwise, there will be a dead bat in there when school starts.  They are hard to find because they are so small.  Susan Brewster said it's because they are flying mice.  Gross!

That wraps up the last few months.  I will lump this last week of July into August.  It's been a great spring and summer so far.


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