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Once-a-Slightly Over Month Cooking

Today may be the last day of the year, but it was the first day of the month around the Boyack house.  Today was Once-a-Month-Cooking day.  The funny thing is that it usually ends up lasting longer than a month.  Our last big cooking day lasted from September to now.  The thing is, I don't always pull from the freezer.  Weekend we cook from scratch.  However, with my voice lessons in late afternoons and sometimes play practice or performance I am too tired to think about dinner.  Making dinner ahead saved me so much money from September to Christmas that I was able to pay for half of Christmas from the savings from the food budget.  Plus, we had much healthier meals!

After collecting which recipes we wanted to make, and making a shopping list, John headed to the store around noon.  We started the cooking and assembly around 1:00 and ended all the cooking by 7:00.  In that time we made 35 dinners.  We have the fix-in's in the cupboard to make 15 more quick and easy meals.  We …

Why I intend to cut my Social Media Time

I am not a connoisseur of Social Media.  In fact, I only have a Facebook account.  I have not been convinced as to why I would need more than that?   Why do I need a Twitter, MySpace, Vine, or a Snapchat?  My experience watching those around me lose their humanity, the ability to effectively use language, and to develop meaningful interpersonal interactions has convinced me I don’t ever want an account! I remember a time when people relished in open, civil discourse; a time when people discussed ideas with passion, and people on either side of the discussion, regardless of what it was about, treated each other with the respect we deserve as humans. (I guess that makes me old).  I miss this… I believe in the best part of human nature: our ability to band together as equals, regardless of our petty differences, united by the fact that we’re all impossibly unlikely creatures, living together on this tiny little speck of dust in a sunbeam, surrounded by an inhospitable void that extends fo…

Christmas Traditions and Memories

Today I dashed into Salem to a fabric store... needed to restore some Christmas hope in a project that didn't quite work as planned.  On the way home a few Christmas favorites came to mind that I need to share.

Memory number one: the frantic "secret" plans of a tired "Santa" (a.k.a. mom) making last minute presents.  I think my two favorite presents I watched or helped "Santa" with was a rocking moon my friend and I made my little sister Jennifer at the request of "Santa".   We got the curve a little off and the bed part was a little off, but it worked and Jennifer crawled into it and read books.

The other was the Badger.  Mom was making teddy bears for the little girls and Paul made it known he thought he might like one too.  My mom scrapped together just enough fir to make that bear.  One small problem... in the wee hours of Christmas she go it turned around.  The result? a badger for Paul.  Everyone was jealous.  Everyone wanted a turn t…

The Christmas Cold

There is one Christmas tradition I can do with out... my traditional Christmas cold.

Seriously!  Why is it that as soon as I see the break of dawn of a vacation day my body gives in to the old cold virus and I am down for the count.

This year's particular breed of virus has been more vicious than usual.

My first "snow day" (the unofficial beginning of Christmas break), the sneezing started... and the watery eyes.

My second "snow day" was starting to feel very under the weather.

The third "snow day" my head hurt from the congestion and I felt like death walking.

Saturday and Sunday I spent every available hour in bed... trying to breathe and to sleep.  Sleep is my usual "go-to" when I know something is looming in the horizon.

Today... still can't breathe!  It's day 5!

Last night I hardly slept because I kept dreaming of drowning.  I'd awaken to my C-PAP mask full of snot.  I was drowning!

Today I have tried Thieves on my feet, RC…

White Christmas

Before I begin this blog I must thank the talented and generous John Bruning for taking beautiful pictures I could steal and use in the post.  Where would I be without you?  I would have a few blurry pictures that would not do this beautiful show justice.  That is where I would be!
I must admit, I have been resisting the suggestion of my dear friend, Jeff Witt, to do Irving Berlin’s White Christmas for years.  I have never really been a fan of the show.  (My favorite Christmas movies include It’s a Wonderful Life and Christmas with the Kranks). Besides, retrofitted old movies rarely make great musicals for the stage. The piece just is not especially witty material in my mind.  The musical may be strong with musical classics but the story is weak.

If you detect a certain weariness of tone, it's because I think White Christmas is not a structurally distinguished piece of live musical entertainment. The story begins in World War 2, with Captain Bob and Private Phil putting on a show to…