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Snow Day = Catch up The August through December report

As usual, I have the unusual ability to create chaos in my life and I have not written much in this blog since August.  Time to play a little catch up.

Kimber took Lillian to a "color" run...

Our garden did well this summer and John and I canned pickles...

...and spaghetti sauce from the tomatoes we grew.

I found some plans I liked and used some of my CET money...

... and John made me this pretty table for the deck.

No more flooding table that sags in the middle.  Now we eat in style.

John took Kimber, Ben, Freya, Hannah and Lillian...

... on an overnight canoe trip on the Willamette.

They didn't have to paddle far...

... so they had time to play around in the shallow water.

He got these hammock things to sleep in.  I'm not sure I could do that.

Lilli and I spent the last 2 weeks of August and into September in Logan at the Maxey house awaiting the arrival of...

... Beckett!

It was an eventful visit.  We got lice and got rid of lice.  We made 30 meals for the freezer so that McKay could have a few easy meals latter.  We got them an early Christmas present of shelves and cleaned up the garage and made some place for the toys to live.  John came and worked at the Logan plant and spent evenings helping Myles do the dry wall for their bathroom remodel.  We read books and tried to keep McKay calm.

Just before we needed to leave Beckett arrived.  Lenayah is a great sister.  Might even over-love the brother.  LOL.

Lilli was so excited to be going home that she danced in the rain we found in Idaho.

While we were gone, Hannah started school at Willamette University.  She is a member of the Chamber Choir and got into an opera.  She is also the girl that runs sound for the jazz choir and got a job on campus setting up and running events for the music department.

Start school without family around was rough.  Se was so glad to see a friend from high school.  Our friend John Bruning captured the moment!

John canned tuna...

... and tomatoes...

... with his friend Bill.

I started another year of subbing at Central High School... I am not afraid to get down and dirty as a sub... or wet if the occasion warrants.

Lilli started dance again...

... and its hard to find a happier girl.

We got back to town just in time for Lillian to start 8th grade at the junior high.  She is doing well at her first year in public school.  Her grades are high.  She loves year book and choir.  She loves her English class, but isn't too thrilled with math.  Her favorite thing is making friends.

... unless there is a dog involved.  Kimber and Ray got a new dog and Lilli loves to play with Zeus.

We took a road trip to see baby Beckett get blessed.

Kimber and the kids rode in my truck. Netflix and phone data saved the day.  Too bad it doesn't clean up barf and milk smells... my truck still feels it...

Cousins had a blast playing together.

John made Lenayah a rocking horse that she loves.

Halloween came and Lilli found many costumes for various occasions.

We got these costumes while in Utah.  Kimber modified this cute dress to make a princess dress which is now a church dress. 

Lilli convinced Kimber to tap dance with her in a community talent show.  They tied for 3rd place.

I missed Hannah's Christmas Concert because of my own production of White Christmas.  John and Kimber went and said it was beautiful.

The majority of my time these past few months has been spent on White Christmas at Central High School.  I had the opportunity to design the set, stage the show and direct the majority of the rehearsals.

It was double the fun because Lilli was cast in the show as Susan, the General's Granddaughter.

She is becoming an excellent well-rounded performer.

It's hard to believe that she will be in high school next year.  I am old.

John helped me tons with White Christmas.  I don't think I could have built the set without him.  He also helped backstage too.

He was often the calming force for the drama that sometimes occurs when you are moving 17 scene changes with a limited number of people... not to mention the costume changes...

He got fitted for new glasses and sent me this picture.  It made me laugh.  Glad these aren't the glasses that will be coming home.

Well... that catches me up... with limited information.  We had no school for the past two days and won't have school again tomorrow.  It's not that there is a ton of snow.  It's that our area doesn't have the available resources to clear streets and such to make things safe.  Then there is the ice.  When you are under freezing or hoovering around freezing, things are slippery!  I did scare Lilli real good as we ran an errand today. teeheehee.  Perhaps I should make a resolution to write more often... but I know my chaos... I may not succeed.


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