Monday, December 19, 2016

The Christmas Cold

There is one Christmas tradition I can do with out... my traditional Christmas cold.

Seriously!  Why is it that as soon as I see the break of dawn of a vacation day my body gives in to the old cold virus and I am down for the count.

This year's particular breed of virus has been more vicious than usual.

My first "snow day" (the unofficial beginning of Christmas break), the sneezing started... and the watery eyes.

My second "snow day" was starting to feel very under the weather.

The third "snow day" my head hurt from the congestion and I felt like death walking.

Saturday and Sunday I spent every available hour in bed... trying to breathe and to sleep.  Sleep is my usual "go-to" when I know something is looming in the horizon.

Today... still can't breathe!  It's day 5!

Last night I hardly slept because I kept dreaming of drowning.  I'd awaken to my C-PAP mask full of snot.  I was drowning!

Today I have tried Thieves on my feet, RC on my chest, lemon and honey treat, breathing in steam, over the counter cold meds, nasal rinse and two boxes of Kleenex.  Still can't breathe.  Blowing my nose is like blowing snot through the eye of a needle.  Sneezing continues.

I did some research.  The all knowing Web says I should feel these symptoms for 3-4 days and then be congested for 10 days.  Who has time for that?  I need some sleep!

So what do you do to get rid of a cold over night?

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