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Today I am contemplating the concept of "favorite" - favorite child, favorite student, favorite person.

I am confident in saying I really don't have favorites.  I love all my children equally.  I love my students - seminary, singing, or the students in the classes I help with equally. Honestly.  I am willing to listen to, teach, care for etc. pretty much most people that I meet.

During the show I just finished I had several sleepless night worrying for kids I barely met and don't know as well as I know other kids.  My lack of a solid relationship with them did not stop me from worrying, nor waking from nightmares, nor crying myself to sleep at the heartache I see in the world around me.  The thing is, I care.  I care deeply.

As I was driving today, pondering what would make someone think I had favorites, it occurred to me that I knew this pattern.

We love him, because he loved us first.

Does God have favorites?

I would say no.  He loves all of His children equally.  …

Cold Snap

We are having a cold snap in these parts.  I know we don't have the snow that my home town of Bend has, nor do we have the snow my daughter, McKay, has in Utah, but we have cold and snow.  It is rare, even unheard of, for our little part of the world.

Last night, as I hopped out of my truck and cruised, carefully, up the sidewalk to the door, I was reminded of the usual winters in Central Oregon where the biting wind nipped at your fingers making your hands a strange mixture of numb and pain.  The wind was blowing and it was a balmy 26 degrees right here in little old Monmouth, Oregon.  The wind blew through me.  The tiny icy crystal-like snowflakes stung my fingers as they hit my bare hands.

I walked into the house and was instantly grateful I didn't have to carry firewood to be in a warm house.  I was grateful I no longer have to walk in the cold to a bus stop nearly a mile away through the sage brush.  I was grateful I had a warm dinner waiting for me in the crock pot.

I al…

2016 wrap up

The past week has been a great one! 2016 was a great year and ended just as great!  First, we had Christmas morning.  Ray, Kimber Ben, and Freya came over before church and opened stockings and presents.  I really don't know what's wrong with me, but didn't break out the camera once.  LOL  Good thing Kimber did so I could steal a couple picture off Facebook. John made a horse for Freya and Lillian painted it.  It turned out super cute.
Freya was trilled with the mermaid tail Kimber made her.  The rest of us didn't do to bad either.  I got a new iPad because I dropped my old one and I use it everyday all day.  John got a fitbit and has accomplished his goals 95% of the time this week.  Lillian sent me links to all the things she wanted.  I picked out things that worked with my budget and she was super happy.  Hannah was harder to shop for, but I think I did well with the shoes and skirt and the coloring book I got her.
John was in charge of the program at church becaus…