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Theater-Directing and Design

I will link all my Theater projects here on this page:

January 2017 - I acted as Co-Director/tech director for Band Geeks at Central High School.  What made this production unsusal was that nearly all the rehearsals happened within class.

December 2016 - I acted at Co-director and designer/tech director of Irving Berlin's White Christmas at Central High school.  This is a big show.  Hard to pull of, and yet, we did!

July 2016 - Again, I designed sets for and managed tech for 9 productions at CET 2016. This season we produced You Will Be My Friend, 5 Continents, Story Time, The Zoo,It's Elementary, Fairy Tale Terry Fails, All's Well that Ends As You Like It, and Shrek JR.

May 2016 - Once again, I painted a backdrop for Howard Street Middle School. Sadly, I did catch the name of the show.  Oops...

May 2016 - Again, I have had the privileged of working with remarkable students and an amazing teacher at Central High School.  This time we produced Almost, Maine. I am one lucky person!

March 2016 - I had the great honor and privileged of directing Once On This Island at Central High School.  I love this short simple show!  It is a great story and a great representation of why I do what I do.

January 2016 - I had the opportunity to be the Tech Director, Set/Light Designer for the Pentacle Theatre fundraiser, Mary Poppins.  The show was in and out in 14 days.

December 2015 - Had a great time designing set, lights, and sound for the fall production of Seussical the Musical at Central High School.

October 2015 - My latest show at Pentacle Theatre... a fun show with and about family... Addams Family

July 2015 - Again, I designed sets for and managed tech for 9 shows for CET 2015. This season the shows were Jabberwalky, Princess Who, Charlotte's Web, Honk Jr., and the Midsummer Shows.  It was a great season!

May 2015 - I had the privileged on co-directing and mostly designing Central High Schools production of The Foreigner I love volunteering at that school and creating "disposable art".

May 2015 - I painted a backdrop for Howard Street Middle School's production of  Fractured.

March 2015 - I worked again as the Associate Director of a show at Pentacle Theatre.  It wasn't my favorite and may be the show that ends community theater for me (although I still have Addams Family and 9-5 to go). Young Frankenstein wasn't exactly a pleasant experience.

February 2015 - The winter show at Central this year was Oklahoma! This has moved in to "my-favorite-set-ever" slot.  It turned out to be so pretty.  Best part... I only spent $1200.

October 2014- The fall show at Central High School was Beauty and the Beast.  I loved seeing my wild concepts come to life!  Beauty and the Beast   I also got to help direct the show.  I sure love that!

August 2014 - This year I had the great pleasure of directing You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown for Pentacle Theater.  This is the second time I've directed the show.  I sure loved this experience and I grew so much.

July 2014- For the third year in a row I worked as the Tech Director for CET.  I designed 3 shows and worked on 3 more as I taught classes and organised tech for all of the productions.  CET 2014

May 20 14 - The Seussification of A Midsummer Night's Dream - Once again I painted a back drop for my friend Robert Salberg.  His school, Howard Street Charter School performed the show as their spring production The Seussification of A Midsummer Night's Dream

May 2014 - Into the Woods.  This is not your mama's Into the Woods.  We set it in New York.  It was so fun and probably a highlight in my theater career so far. Into the Woods

March 2014 - Les Miserables Les Miserable This was one of the greatest experiences of my theater career.  I was so blessed to be a part of such a moving show.

February 2014 - I was the Tech Director and Set/Light designer for Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I was able to come up with something that worked and was cute.  Wonka has a ton of challenging demands.  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

January 2014 -
I was the Tech Director/Set and Light Designer for A Star is Born, a fund raiser for Pentacle Theatre.  I loved how simple and yet elegant this set turned out to be.

October 2013 -
I was the Tech Director and Set Designer for Crimes of the Heart at Central High School.  This turned out to be one of my favorite sets.  It turned out so cute!  Besides, my daughter Hannah is getting very good at lighting.  If acting doesn't work out for her, she will have a great fall-back plan!

August/September 2013 -
I had the pleasure of directing The Secret Garden at Pentacle Theatre.  I loved working with three of my kids (Kimber did the choreography, Hannah was cast as Martha and Lillian was double cast as Colin).  I also got to work with some very great friends.  Over all... a great production!

July 2013 - I worked my second year at CET.  I designed banners for the 1st year shows and Fine Arts Gala.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel each year now.  I also designed Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr., Couch Potatoes, and Into the Woods Jr.  Not only did I design, but I supervised building, painting, and decorating the sets, supervised all tech aspects, designed lights, and fixed all kinds of problems.  Add teaching classes to that and my summer was crazy busy!

May 2013-
It was a struggle because I had major surgery, but I built and painted a set for my friend Robert and his students at Howard Street Middle School.  This show was called Family Album.

March 2013 -
I had the privilege of working on Legally Blonde at Pentacle Theater.  This was a great production.  It sold out nearly every night.  It was also a great growing experience for me.  Most excitedly I had three of my own  vocal students in the show.

February 2013 -
I've been saddened by the laying off of music and theater teachers in our public schools.  I know that budgets are tight.  However, I feel we will be greatly effected by a lack of the Arts in our schools.  Here are a few of my thoughts on the subject.

I designed set and lights for Once Upon a Mattress at CHS

January 2013 -
Seusical the Musical JR was another set I designed for Robert at Howard Street Charter School in Salem.

December 2012-
I wrote this draft for a proposal after seeing the fantastic Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street:

I wrote this analysis after seeing Les Mis in theaters.  Who knows?  Maybe it will be come a proposal some day.  :)

October 2012 -
I designed set for Little Mermaid Jr at Central High School.  I also taught my daughter, Hannah, the basics of lighting theory and she designed lights.  I did have to "fix" a couple things, but she didn't do too bad on her own.

Summer 2012 -
I worked for CET (Children's Education Theater) over the summer.  I was the Tech director and taught classes for 5 weeks.  I designed 3 shows (Music Man JR, 12 Resourceful Princesses, and Giraffes Can't Dance) and got 6 shows out the door in 5 weeks.  Here is the link to these set designs:

July 2012 -
I went and saw  a play at Pentacle Theater.  I wrote this blog to express how I feel about LIVE theater:

June 2012 -
I designed a small set for Howard Street Charter School's Production of The Seusification of Romeo and Juliet:

May 2012 -
This show was a family adventure.  I designed the set, lights, and props.  3 of my kids we were cast members for Central High School's production of Honk, JR.:

March 2012 -
My thoughts on seeing Wicked at Keller Auditorium:

My thoughts on seeing Spelling Bee at Pentacle Theater.  My friends were fantastic!

February 2012 -
I designed the set and lights of Central High School's Production of Cinderella:

October 2011 -
I got the opportunity to direct Wait Until Dark at Central High School.  Of course that meant I got to design the set and lights too.

August 2011 -
I was the Assistant /Co-Director for Brigadoon at Pentacle Theater in Salem, OR.  I love working on this production.

May 2011 - I loved designing set and lights for Little Shop of Horrors at Central High School!

February 2011 -
I designed Much Ado About Nothing.  The director wanted to set the play in the 1940's.  I think it was one of more lovely sets.

December 2010-
Ebeneezer was the first show I designed in Central High School's new space.  I had to learn all the new state of the art systems.  We even used the trap doors.

February 2010 -
I designed my last set for the cafeteria stage at Central High School... Starmites.

February 2009 -
My first set at Central High School.  Although I had designed lights and make-up for Seusical the Musical in 2007 and You're a Good Man Charlie Brown in 2008, Sound of Music was the first time I was brave enough to suggest I could do something of value for the school:

May 2008 -
I wrote and directed The Pied Piper while teaching at the Dance and Music Studio.  This show was especially fun because it was a creative effort in partnership with my amazing and talented daughter:

May 2006 -
I wrote and directed Aladdin for The Dance and Music Studio in Monmouth, OR:

May 2003 - This was the first year I started doing big shows for The Dance and Music Studio in Monmouth.  My first attempt to make children's theater I did A Midsummer Night's Dream:


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